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Got it!. Thank you very much!
Will do. Will it take a few secs to fade while i'm making the adjustment and thus I should just turn it a little at a time and give it a sec to respond? or just keep turning until the point it turns back white right away?This pic above is on the white wash screen.Thank you!
Hi folks. I have LG PV450 and turned my Setup full clockwise and the Vs about one notch counter. I now have this. Which of the 2 potis are likely causing this condition? Thank you!
Im hoping there's still folks subscribed to this thread. I finally got around to applying those POT setting tweaks from pages 9-11. I really questioned myself on should I even mess with it.. My luck and all but so many of you seemed to have great success with it. How hard can it be to turn a knob. So after have turned the Setup Pot all the way clockwise and the Vs one notch back. I now get this. It may be a while before I will have someone to help me...
Hello fellow 60PV450 owners. I apologize in advance as Im sure this subject comes up quite a bit and the fact that everyones preference in settings are subjective. I wanted to ask a general opinion about something that slightly bothers me about my set. I noticed that many of you with your custom settings, etc have what seems like very low brightness. I used the Picture wizard and when it came to the recommended brightness example mine was around 60-65. ...
I just thought It would benefit someone else to point out that when I attempted to pull the fan out of it's frame the blade snapped completely off its metal hub. I don't know if Sony used a different supplier for fans in earlier or later models or what but my fan appeared to be glued to the hub which was mounted directly to a circuit board with magnets spaced around the inner hub. Just wanted to give a heads up to those who might have a working fan and are...
Hey Guys!. Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know what happened with my swapping out the 120mm PC fan for the actual Sony Fan (oem part). I got the fan early last week and this weekend my son and I set the TV up on a stand and took the back off. Replaced the fan and powered it up!. BINGO!. No further issues!. Works flawlessly now!. Thanks for suggesting I use the actual Sony Part. -Brian.
Great thanks Rob!. BTW. I did find where I could turn on the Oribiter in the ISM setting. Is there any reason I should ever want to put it back to Normal? Does the orbit setting reduce PQ or anything adverse? THanks again guys! -Brian
Sarge!. Thanks. What exactly is breakin for a Plasma? Also where would I find that orbital setting? THank you!
That faded it a bit but Its still there. If you look for it you can clearly see allot of the info that was on the screen.
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