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you & I are in same age group so I know exactly where you are coming from I didn't even watch it circle the drain...pulled the drain plug on the pilot
I hadn't been able to watch the pilot and next 2 episodes until today.managed to get thru 16 min of the pilot & deleted them all. "downright silly" is an understatement. I'm out.if the kids unbuckling before they hit the ground wasn't stupid enough, the party vibe when they open the door, the banality of writing that could come up with the line "we're back bitches" as if this was all a game and within minutes have a fight break-out about going to the shelter, food & water...
if what I bolded is really the case, then that's the problem. because passive subs don''t have onboard amps, you need to get external amps for yours. the receiver output is preamp level & it doesn't have an amplifier available for subwoofers. all receivers, not just Pioneer, are made for subs that have their own amplification, either internal or external. it doesn't have an amp to drive a sub.
^^ good point. having never owned passive subs, that didn't occur to me.
what do you mean by "channels a & b"?subs get plugged into the outputs labeled Sub 1 & Sub 2 in the preamp section, and for the main zone, don't use the sub output for zone 2. either you aren't clear as to where they go or using the wrong semantics.suggestion 1: check the rear panel & check the manual (on your AV Navigator disc or download it from Pioneer).I've never had a Pioneer receiver in 10+ years fail to detect the subs. so I suspect you have them incorrectly...
I didn't see that one coming either.
Inkel is the OEM CE mfg company that actually made the Sherwood R972. Inkel also OEM's some receiver models for other well-known brand name CE companies.the 1st picture is NOT the R972, it looks like an older full blown Trinnov Optimizer processor but I don't know which specific model. I do know the latest ones directly from Trinnov don't look like that & neither does the ADA version.the 2nd picture to the right that you can click on IS the Sherwood 972.
sums it up nicely.
which is why I haven't posted hardly at all since he stripped out ours what so-called creationism represents is one of my biggest hot buttons & not in a good way so I have to tread lightly other than that, I'm good with religious topics of discussion & have zero problem with Cosmos putting the discussion in historical perspective. it happened. no sense pretending these things didn't, last time I looked this we aren't trying to re-write history like in 1984. tell it like it...
for what it is, agreed. I've enjoyed all seasons of it
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