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The 4.2 beta had a few bugs. I would check the spectracal forum before upgrading to make sure this one won't have a bug that will bug you . They may have addressed them all by now.
I haven't had time to integrate it yet. I hooked it up to an old tv last night just so I could navigate thru the menu to see what was there, and I also installed the latest firmware. I am waiting on my usb/RS232 converter to come in so I can control it with CalMAN, and I am also waiting on some HDMI cables to come in so I can get everything hooked up. So, it is going to be a couple of days before I can report on my thoughts. OOOPs... I'm not Ken. Sorry
Ok, I searched the thread before posting this question. Am I supposed to set the user chromaticity or just leave it on Auto or set it to 709? I am too stupid right now to figure this out. I am not understanding why I should do this if I am going to be adjusting the the gamut with the CMS anyway. What is the benefit? Thanks
I have read that SpectraCal recommended the FTDI converter, but I have not read that it is recommended by DVDO. I am not trying to cheap out. I was just hoping that there was an alternative that was available to me locally.
Is anyone using the TRENDnet brand RS232 to USB converter? That is the only thing I can find locally except for a DYNEX at Best Buy that costs about $35 (what a rip-off). My Duo is supposed to be here tomorrow and hate to order one and wait on it before I can use the Duo. Tell me what you are using that doesn't have the FTDI chip that seems to work. Thanks
Thanks again fight4u! You are the man with the answers!
How long is the serial cable that comes with the Duo? Which "usb to RS232" converter are you guys buying. I read that one with the FTDI chip is best. Thanks Jim
Thanks again. I think I am going to order a Duo and Chromapure right now because I can get Chromapure with it for an addtional $100. I already have CalMAN. I may just see what SpectraCal will sell me the Duo for though. If you don't mind, will you PM me if you got a good deal on the Duo. The price is higher at SpectraCal, but I am sure they will sell it for less.
Quote: Originally Posted by fight4yu You are right. Duo CANNOT move things beyond the device capabilities. Your Green should be fine, but I think your RED might have some problem. All the secondaries should also be fine, except Magneta, which depends on RED and since your RED seems to be "less saturated", it might cause some problem. You should be able to get ALL your DeltaL under 1 easier as well with DUO. Thanks fight4u. I will try some...
Does anyone know if the Duo will adjust an under saturated gamut? I read that the lumagen will not adjust the gamut unless the primaries are outside a standard gamut. Please look at my attached gamut pic and tell me. I suppose my gamut is more skewed. Green in particular is what I am worried about. It is outside the standard rec709 gamut triangle, but is between the green target and the cyan target. Will the duo move it back to the green target? Thanks  
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