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"As he drove down the street and turned into his daughter's driveway, the victim's head was shown three-quarters profile and he was seen from behind as he climbed the steps to her house. In those shots, he looked exactly like Phil to me. " There is little doubt that Chase and the director in that scene intentionally used Frank Vicent (who of course plays Phil Leotardo in the series) That is pretty much a standard technique directors do to fool the audiences - is thse...
Plasma's should not be used for brightly lit rooms - big mistake
Maybe Tony's depression gets worse and he finally kills himself
Could be like that (drinking, smoking, blonde-as.s slapping) "Priest" in the (FARELLY BROS) comedy KINGPIN - who end ups helping chopping off the bowling hand of Woody Harrelson - who becomes "musoned" for the next 15 years
One very obvious and major Sopranos plot flaw for years - in this series Note that over the years Tony probably 1/2 the time was either driving by himself in his car, walking down to his mailbox, or doing various other thing by himself - including going to his schrink on a routine basis - other times maybe riding with Christopher - but hardly in a major protective mode Point is he rarely had real muscle with him and how long would a major Jersey underboss last in...
The old theory about the ending was that Chase wants to keep Tony alive - in case they do a movie sequel, but after Chris died - its seems like Tony will end up dead too - instead of (for example) locked up at MARION PRISON - the one they sent Gotti to and a prison that mafia members actually do fear With Chris gone, who I would argue was the 2nd most important character in the series - a movie sequel makes little sense
Tonights lecture could be summarized as: "The horrific and oppressive nature of United States immigration laws and why they shouldn't be enforced" Of course the fact that these laws are rarely ever enforced (one big case in approx 10 to 20 yrs in Massachusetts - just recently) and the fact pattern presented by Kelley tonight is beyond ludicrous) - David Kelly continues on his quest David E Kelley in full form tonight in full Hollywood propaganda mode
Several Magnolia locations s/b adding some new projectors by spring of 2010, according to my cousin
Paulie is not acting- he's playing himself
Geez I guess all those appelate decisions are just imaginery, Mr Kelley didn't mention those as in his opinion the United States has already trashed the Bill of Rights as certainly the ends justifies the means. BOSTON LEGAL is certainly great comedy, very inventiive writing, sometimes great drama - with the requisite usual and frequent cinematic liberties used in nearly all such legal shows, such as tort cases with the liable party folding in days, instant trials for...
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