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LOL... That "Keep it cold in the room" thing is pretty funny. I usually know when I am painting for someone who is on AVS... because they have the room cool when I arrive, or at least get right to cooling it down. That's funny.Thanks for the nice words. I'm glad that I was able to fit you into the schedule a couple weeks ago. It worked out nicely. And, I should be able to make it back out to Florida fairly soon. If not... then the humidity is going to kill me!! Jeff
That sounds like it should work. Hopefully it isn't too reflective when you're watching a movie. If not... then it should work great with my paint. I just painted a mural in Orlando... and the had a couple ceilings that had brown and tan painted on the ceiling, with a translucent, gold paint on top of that. It was incredibly beautiful. They're going yo do that on their bedroom ceiling and then have me paint on top of it. It'll look great. So, that's kind of what I have...
OK, good.... that's what I was hoping you did.I will be scrambling to get to all three cities I'm painting in... then back to the airport before I fly to Chicago, but if I have some extra time in the schedule, I would be happy to run by and take a look at your theater. From the pictures it's beautiful. If I can't make it on this trip... I'm sure I'll be back in Texas within a few months. But, I'm sure you guys have it under control. Just shoot me an email if you need...
Nice! How is the glow with the lights off? Whenever I've mixed white paint with it... the glow is diminished. Were you guys able to get a good glow out of it? If not, I will be in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio this coming week and can get you more paint, if you'd like.Shoot me an email if you'd like some.Jeff
Thanks, Spaceman, for your suggestions.Here's hoping that Texas stays around 65 for the next week!!!! Jeff
AlphaG... See you in a few days.Spaceman is correct on his suggestions, so hopefully that helps you with your questions.By the way... that is going to be a really nice looking ceiling. Spaceman's ceiling is similar to yours.Jeff
Hi Bree...I have promised myself, my family and many customers... that once I get finished with the trip I am on (I'm painting in Florida, Texas, Illinois and Georgia) in a couple of weeks... I am going to get those stencils completed. So, hopefully by the end of February I will have some more info for you.Also, if you want to shoot me an email (NightSkyMurals@gmail.com) I will try to help you out with some suggestions on your room.Good luck...Jeff
Hi Krell...Thanks for the note. I was painting murals back in 2005... but my murals weren't as well known back then.You know, that is a good point about the heat put out from the bulb. I painted a mural yesterday in Orlando, and the customer told me that, before he put in a mini-split in his control room... the room would get over 100 degrees. So, if you were to add a bright bulb to the mix... that could get seriously hot in there. But, fiber optics still have a place...
Hi Tom... I will keep you informed as to how the strip test goes. I talked with my customer yesterday and he said that he will contact the company again in the next couple of weeks to see if they are ready to sell the lights. If so, then he will order some and we will test them out. Fingers are crossed.Jeff
Love that ceiling!!! It's beautiful. Wish I had the talent to paint the daytime murals too. Looks like the room is coming along nicely! Jeff
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