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Hi 7Channel... That was kind of meant as a joke for Spaceman. He knows I get really warm when the temp is above 65, and just recently told another customer to be sure to keep the AC low for me. :)Anyway, this is going to be an interesting thread to follow. Congratulations on getting it going!
Will the ceiling be ready before summer, or in the middle? :-)
Amazing!!! I agree with imagic... the before and after pictures are amazing! I just did some work in NY, where the homeowner dug out a basement (by passing dirt out through a window) and almost doubled his living space. I was blown away as I stood in that basement. And, after seeing that, and then seeing this article... I am in awe of Paul s accomplishment! Great job!
Not a problem. Let me know if you need help or have questions. There are many on this thread who have also been more than willing to answer questions.
Good luck with your build. This forum is a great source for information and the people here are very willing to offer suggestions (as you already know). It's fun watching builds go from empty rooms, with soccer nets and plastic kid's slides... to awesome theater rooms. I can't wait to see your build come together. I am still in the idea gathering stage... and hope to have a theater started in the next 3 to 5 years. Good luck! Jeff
I just got this from a customer, a member of this AVS, who just had his theater featured in the Sounds and Vision magazine. Here is one of the pictures of his room. I'll wait for him to post the rest, then will link to it. This used to be a simple bedroom... and he did a great job with this!
No problem, I still get these questions all the time... so this might be a good review. Thanks for your questions! That is correct. The darker a room gets, the blacker the ceiling turns... even if it is white in the light.Below are a couple of pictures of a mural that you are talking about. I did it for a member of AVS (he has a thread on here somewhere). It turned out beautifully and the picture in the light has the night sky already painted on it. These colors are...
Yes I did... and I think that I am going to start sending out a contract, well before I arrive, that mandates a room be between 64 and 68 degrees or the price doubles. Oh, and Mario... your room was perfectly cool.
So Autox320... are you back in town? Thanks for the nice comments and for the suggestions on what you have found works best for you. I have heard from others that WildFireFX has great lights. SlimFluorescents have nice lights that connect to each other, but I have also heard that they have multiple lights in an order, at times, that don't always work. They seem to be good about replacing the bad ones... but if someone has the extra $$ for WildFireFX, I think that that is...
LOL... I know right. But, let me just point out one of my biggest reasons for keeping everyone out while I paint. First, it's true that I like to keep things secret, but one really big reason is because there is nothing like seeing the mural for the first time, once it is totally finished. If people watch me paint the mural, there is so much magic that is lost when I am finished. Sure they love it... but that initial "WOW" is not there. And, after spending hours in a hot...
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