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I'll answer this... and anyone else who wants to jump in is more than welcome. Blue or violet (as long as they are considered black lights, or in the 365nm light spectrum range) should work the same. There are lights with higher wattages that will charge quicker and show the stars more, while they're on too. As long as they are in that 365 nm spectrum, and not white light... the stars should be visible (or most of them) I have a special paint that I usually use in...
Thanks Damelon for your quick and concise answers. I will be happy to answer with more detailed information... but there is a lot of it throughout this thread. Still, please ask if you can't find what you are looking for, or just don't have the time. If I'm not on the forum, there are a lot of customers who have been willing to answer.Jeff
Hi Mfusick... Did you start at the beginning of this thread? The first post goes into pros and cons of both the painted murals and the fiber optics murals. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and that is covered in the first post... and then all through the 666 posts up to this one. There is a lot of great information throughout all of the pages from people who have had both options installed in their theaters.Jeff
Got it... and I'm trying to get the guy who made this to make one a little longer. I think he would do it. BTW... anyone in the Charlotte, NC area needing a good photographer... I have a referral for you. He has great shots of homes, weddings and would be great to take shots of your newly finished HT. I doubt he'd be too expensive either. Jeff
Hi Mazman808... LOL, Thanks!I agree that it wold almost be impossible to get this look with fibers... but then again, there are advantages that fiber offers too. So, what really matters is whether someone wants look over seeing the stars in the light.Anyway... thanks again. I'll check the PMJeff
Hi Tom...I hope that the video was slow enough for you guys to be able to see all the detail that goes into creating one of the Night Skies. :-)Hope you liked it...Jeff
I get asked a lot how I paint my murals... so I put together a video (under 1 minute) of me painting. Enjoy... Click here to watch me paint a mural Jeff
Thanks you guys for posting about black lights... and sharing your experiences with different brands. That should help out others looking for some. Jeff
By the way... you can obviously see the ceiling fan in this picture. That is because there is a black light on in the room. With the light off, and the fan turned on, it would look as if there were no fan at all. It would just dissolve into the mural.
I just got a picture from a customer (down the road from you Tom Hilton) who I painted for a few weeks ago. This is a single shot out of a time-lapse video that he made for me. If anyone wants... I will post a link to the video, once it's uploaded. Hope you guys like this... and motivates some of you to doing a star ceiling... be in by someone else painting it, or going for a DIY project (have plenty of Ibuprofen on hand). Jeff
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