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Just a newbie and speculating since i have not used any of the DSPs yet, but since 2 ea subs are run in parallel on two separate outputs for a total of 4 off the amp, and there are only 2 inputs going into a CV-5000 anyway, you only need 2 out of a DSP
I like the fact the openDRC is plug and play with XLR Inputs/outputs. However not much info out there on this unit. Does it have the same capability as the balanced 2x4 to EQ 4 subs? It looks like there is only one plug-in available, so I assume its my only option? Also, does this interface with REW?
FYI CV-5000 just ordered at a 15% discount Musician's Friend. Good through Memorial Day weekend. Now I can apply savings to miniDSP. Sweet
Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I have decided to go with 3 Tempests for L/C/R and 2 Fusion 8s for surrounds. Seems to be the best bang for the buck for my needs. For subwoofers, I noticed the SI 18s are popular with a price of $175 vs. $232 for Daytons. This is a significant savings, however not sure when these will be available. Website says 4 months from Feb, so I assume its June. Any intel on this? Also, if I go with 4 SIs and power them with a CV5000, is it...
Thanks for the suggestions, will there be kits for the SEOS-15 in the near future?Probably splitting hairs, but for the increased cost, what would be the advantage of going with Sentinels vs. Tempests? Is it just a matter of power handling capability if I decide to add additional amps to the 4311 at a later date, or would the Sentinel sound better in a large room like mine?
Thanks for the suggestions. From everything I read about the Fusion-12s it sounds like they would sound good in my situation. For surrounds the link you provided listed every speaker available on diysoundgroup. I want to start with 2 surrounds and then add 2 more at a later date for behind the listening position. Would it be wise to stick with the Fusion series and go with something like a Fusion-8, or would another series work better as surrounds. Or, should I just...
Looking for some advice for a speaker system for my HT. My current system consists of a Denon 4311 feeding a hodgepodge of speakers with an old pair of Bose 601’s for L/R I’ve been using since the late 80’s. As you can imagine, this speaker setup sounds like crap in this room, so now I need to do something to remedy the situation. After researching speakers on this forum for several months, I have come to the conclusion that DIY is my best option for a speaker upgrade ...
Rerun setup but still a no go. So took Sammy2's tip and downloaded/ran MPC-HC but still had same window boxing problem. However, used Assassin's guide and enabled the LAV filters and madVR and it solved my problem. Thanks for all the help
here's a screen shot you can see the window boxing in normal aspect ratio.
That is my issue In my first post. When I am zoomed in normal aspect ratio it is window boxed. If I use any of the other zoom settings the pic is stretched. This is not an issue in XBMC, but don't like the XBMC user interface or I would use it.Thanks for your help
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