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I have one slot in my entertainment set available but the profile height is an issue. I have 5.2" height available for my audio receiver. I need it to have the Reon chipset for upconverting. What is the lowest profile audio receiver available with this chipset? I already have a Blu-Ray player and don't want to replace it with one with the reon chipset. Thanks,
I'm looking for good OTA settings for NFL Sundays. I figure this should be the same for everyone pretty much with OTA feed Thanks, Vinni
Speed 08 what is that setting for dvd? tv? what kind of box if cable...
If someone can post their HDMI connection settings for this tv through Motorola 3416 Comcast box I would appreciate it
Can you copy and paste these settings into a reply. From what I've been reading Boltjames used ccarlos settings not petmics. I'm just confused most likely. Thanks, Vinni
Does anyone have settings they use for 40xbr2 or 46xbr2 going through a Comcast Motorola 3416 over HDMI? Any help would be appreciated. I have tried Petmic's HDMI settings they didn't look right with my setup. Thanks, Vinni
Would these settings work well for a KDL-40XBR2 as well?
Here is the situation, my parents are looking into a 46"+ TV. They are looking at this Toshiba DLP 56HMX96 and are convinced that is the way to go. Besides size can you tell me all the fallouts with DLP. They are also in the market for Plasma 50PX60U, LCD 46D62U, ect... I'm trying to steer them that way.... Thanks,.....
I'm a DVD movie fantatic. Which combination will yield me a better PQ. HD-XA2 + 50PX600U or HD-XA2 +46XBR2. I'm not very technical I don't know how much the 1080P DVD player and signal changing may look better on one or the other. Thanks for any comments or suggestions. I'm wide open to other TV options that aren't outside this price range. Thanks,
I'm just looking for some general settings for a guildline and then to eyeball the rest. I realize people have different TV's from different productions but people still post their settings all over this site. I would appreciate anyone who could give me their settings for these LCD's. Thanks,
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