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In the catalyst HDTV support tab, you can choose the resolutions for your TV. There are 720 and 1080 standard and optomized choices. If none of these settings work, then you can make a custom setting. You have to select the resolution you want, then there should be a button labled add custom resolution (or something similar), choose that and you will get a screen that you can adjust the vertical and horizontal size of the display. Eric
I am having similar issues with my TWC SA8300 box. Whenever the box switches resolutions, it loses sync with the TV through hdmi. I have found the easiest fix is to just unplug the hdmi cable and plug it back in. This is the 2nd tv I have had this box hooked to and it used to happen all the time with my Sony LCD RPTV using the hdmi out to dvi converter when switching from 480i to 720p resolutions. TWC said to just leave the box outputing 1080i, which solved the...
I am having the same problem with my SA8300 from TWC. When I switch resolutions, I get some pinkish snow on my screen. I have found that the box doesn't have any problems going from 720p to 1080i, but if I use 480i as a resolution it will mess up going between SD and HD over HDMI. You can set it to just 1080i and this problem won't occur, but I don't really understand why the box has such a hard time with the different resolutions when you change the channel. Eric
That shimmering you see is SSE. While it is noticable on the A2000, I think that it is better than on my previous sony 42 inch LCD. Just adjusting the iris, power save mode and brightness will significantly improve the amount of SSE you will see. You can't really judge by looking at most sets in the stores on vivid mode with max brightness and sharpness. There is absolutely no SDE on my set. SD tv is about the same as it is on all RPTV's. I don't think it is any...
SD isn't that bad. I don't think SD looks any worse on this television then any other large HDTV displaying SD signals. I just watch the SD channels in the 4:3 format, rather than stretching it out and think they are very watchable. Eric
Sony Service has checked out my minor green convergence problem and determined that it is within spec. I talked to the qualia service center and they said it is virtually impossible to have perfect convergence with this high of a display resolution and that as long as it is 1 pixel or there is no black pixel spacing between the white/green border it is fine. There is no service level tweak, because the display panels are mechanically coupled (I assume that means glued...
At what distance should I be from the television to check for convergence errors? Is it something that should be noticable from normal seating distance or something that you must closely inspect? When I get right up close to the set, I can see on the convergence patterns that there is a redish line slightly above and a greenish line slightly below the white bars, however, when I step back a foot or 2, it is not noticable. Just wondering if this is normal. Eric
I can't find the use tab on the CNET review either. I thought I was going crazy looking all over for it.
cmaxwell, Have you made any tweaks other than the ones in that post?
http://gallery.avsforum.com/data/503/Bikini2.jpg I wasn't able to figure out my girlfriends digital camera very well, so realize that these women looked much better on my tv.
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