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Star Trek into Darkness used f4 until my lamp dims a bit as f8 shows the screen gain spots. These 2 are @ f8
I use Imageshack to upload pics uncompressed up to 5MB per image free. To see the finer details just (hold Ctrl and press the + key to zoom in)
Hi max-wellLooking good, this thread has slowed of late - list your gear and keep posting.
Hi yuettoiYou would have returned it if artifacts were present - same with my PJ...Keep your camera settings on Neutral mode and WB to 6500K if possible and keep posting......
HiYes looks that way, i will have to remember to check the setting next time. My screen gain sometimes show as white dots 1.2 gain you may be seeing traces of that.
JVC X90 THX mode.......Nikon D3200 to PC to here untouched.
I measured mine checkerboard and the ratio was 150:1
Art Feierman projectoreviews.com "On brighter scenes, those Sonys have great blacks, but the JVC X95 rules! Because the black levels are achieved without a dynamic iris, medium and brighter scenes, still produce equally black blacks as those in darker scenes. Other projectors (with irises), such as the Sonys, project blacks that aren't as dark, when doing brighter scenes, as the iris remains open so as not to dim the bright areas."
Yes 2:35 white 1.2gain zooming - You wanting to check my conversions?151 Lux @1053 Hrs 17ft/L.
1053 Hours 117 wide 1.2gain 17ft/L1250 JVC offered Lamp for £120 dimmed out of spec (asked for pic of hours as proof) 14ft/L (13 months old)1840 hours Last 200 has been used for Live sport 5 ft/L
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