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I wish you would:) as I still have to kick myself everytime I turn on my X90 as the picture it throws is outstanding. 1850 hours and counting, jsust changed the Lamp.
ANSI on this JVC at best is 150:1 4x less than the Sony yet.......
Screens the same material/size the difference in contrast Native vs DI.
Take no notice of the trolls post them screenshots.
Nice, is that with the DNP screen?
I would like to see some from your setup should look amazing with the Super DNP screen.
Still after years of ownership very few VW1000 pics around? Time for a comparison the brighter 1 is a JVC X90 max brightness open iris both with new lamps. VW1000 pic taken by a UK dealer in optimum conditions when new.
6 weeks still no A/B comparisons?I really thought you had a viable solution after all these years of mixing paint.No proof no solution.
Sorry to rattle your cage MMI am entitled to my opinion and my advice is genuine.
Looking closer I see the ceiling spots in some shots way overexposed unnaturally adding light to the room skewing the actual in room light. When the above BD sample is along side the DIY mix the OP will see the differences and make a judgement call. Today those DNP screens would be my choice.
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