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HD-350 LOTR Return of the King HTPC
Anirbana Added a 2 sec exp so you can see whats happening as exposure increases... Kevin Chris Screen Capture from laptop- Nvidia 8400M GS IN80 at 2 Sec exposure Added 2 Second Exp HD-350 IN80 at 3 sec Exposure IN80 at 4 sec Exposure [/quote]
No Fun Uploaded your request....
HD-350 More Crystal Skull pics --DO NOT TAKE THESE TOO SERIOUSLY--
HD-350 Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
Sorry you see this can`t do no better post some yourself and show us how its done. My screen made of glass beads shows in the pics + material plays a part also the display you are viewing them on...Do you really think this is how these look in real life? You must have been following this thread to comment on my pics and read all the disclaimers if not take a look then realize the comments you made are well take this constructively worthless...
HD-350 etc etc Aeon Flux PS3
anirbana Impeccable pictures especially that green grass outstanding.... Looking forward to more Wall-E shots...
Chris Dallas pics [IMG]********http:// etc RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR PIC CLICK ON PROPERTIES TO GET URL DETAILS COPY AND PASTE HERE*******[/IMG] to display here photobucket allows you to pick how the image needs tobe entered in a forum
HD-350 (RS10) after 400 lamp hours in normal lamp mode iris 3 Graywolf 2 120" 1.8gain screen...
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