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LOL Leeloos pic was with a Darbee at 100% @ the THX preset (JVC sharpness/colour/gamma settings fixed in that mode uncalibrated) Keep your thoughts flowing, cracks me up More screebshots soon......
My Lux readings Replaced X90 Batcave. iris open standard/6500k/normal/other settings 0/ 126"diag 1.2gain 2:35/16:9 screen/13`7" throw Service menu white pattern 60 mins warm up Center screen readings Low/High lamp 106 hours 207/340 Lux 16:9 87" wide 124/208 Lux 2:35 117" wide 158 hours 207/325 Lux16:9 87" wide 124/197 Lux 2:35 117" wide 488 Hours 110/167 Lux 2:35 117" wide --- In 330 hours only a 30 Lux drop at high lamp. 680 Hours Same readings as last time 167 Lux...
X90 Avatar
X90 Resized in Photoshop
X90 Old 70mm transfer Lawrence of Arabia. Noticed the Exif data is stripped if i upload before resizing using photobucket, can`t find their settings to stop this, ticked in options strip GPS and leave other data alone? This is straight from the Camera.
X90 My new settings after 1000 Lamp hours.
@MarcusSwe Are you using the X90s THX preset (as below - E-shift3) ? Yours
X90 THX preset 1000 Lamp Hours.
X90 Samsara trailer as taken uploaded to photobucket.
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