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I was about to give upon this string because of all the OT posts then this comes along, thank you... I've noticed the soundstage issue you described, although maybe not as strong. I'll have to play with this a bit, my speaker setup may work well with 0 distances... I'll post if I see a large improvement.
The distortion added by the components processing the sound through Audessey is a negative so if you're properly setup in a decent room with decent treatment you're better off running directly to amps. Built in Audessey or equivalent on the next oppo would be a very attractive feature that would make me do another upgrade.
If you go that route spend a few hours educating yourself before throwing money at the problem. Bass traps, absorptive panels and diffusion panels all serve a specific purpose and except for bass traps too much is not good - not that it's affordable to get too much...
I use the 105 directly to amps and love it but it's been a chore figuring out optimum seating, speaker and souind panel setup; also
Hi Jim,I had an arcam avr300 and used an oppo95 (almost identical sound as 105) connected to the dvd-a inputs as well as the regular cd inputs. At the time I had a bryston 3bst reconditioned largely with 3bsst parts. I also had an arcam 7se and alpha one cd player(s) that I compared. Neither player was as good as the 95 through the avr300 (all using analog into the avr300). The 7se sounded better using the avr300 dac and the alpha one was close, maybe better dac in...
It depends on your system of course, but I heard a big improvement going directly to amps for movies and music both. And that was from a good receiver (arcam avr300) using hard wired (not a switchable button like that available for the other analog inputs) DVD-A analog inputs that only had volume control.
I played the oppo95 through a Yamaha 5790 and it ruined the sound even with the "bypass" engaged. Tried an arcam avr 300 ($2000 receiver with both a bypass button for all analog inputs and a hard wired analog input to volume only). The arcam was much better in both inputs. The normal analog input with the bypass button engaged wasn't nearly as good as the direct volume only (call DVD-A) analog input, but neither was as good as directly from the 95 to the amp. No...
My experience, based on a yamaha 5790 (terrible) and an arcam avr300 (far better) both with pass thorugh, is that going straight to the amp is much preferable.
I just watched that last night, it was cool because it seemed like things started shaking before the higher frequency sound came in and swept over you, it was very well done. Plus it's nice not having to worry about headroom, just sit back and enjoy the show!
The oppo has bass management
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