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I bought one from Dell for $679 to replace a Sony 32S5100 I returned due to extremely poor audio performance. I do like the design of the Philips but the proof is in the picture, right? I'm not impressed with the picture quality and am considering returing it too; the Sony was far superior and if it wasn't for the crappy audio I'd still have it. I am getting tired of returning TVs and refuse to pay an additional $200+ for a Sony 32XBR9 just to overcome the audio issue. I...
Update on hard drive noise from my 6412 phase III stb: So I took my first box back to Comcast and got another phase III (w/HDMI). As soon as I plugged it in, this turboprop-like fan kicked on! I couldn't belive it -- the new box is even louder than the first one!!! The hard drive noise was a little better, but it's kinda hard to tell with that fan going!! It's a variable speed fan, so it constantly speeding up and slowing down, speeding up, slowing down --...
You are not alone DrDetroit; when the Comcast guy first turned-on the Moto 6412 during installation yesterday, I commented how loud the hard drive was. He said, "yeah." Helpful, wasn't he? I'm guessing they are using pretty cheap HDs to keep costs down, but I am really tempted to return the box and get another TiVO and Comcast's non-DVR HD STB, but the 6412 does have the HDMI port (I think the non-DVR STB has an outdated DVI port).
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