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I had some problems in very dark scenes of The Following. Faces got strange and pixelated just for a moment. I adjusted Smart Led to low and the problem went away.
Prices are really dropping.
I have been looking for a thorough review ever since Samsung announced it, and I started this thread. Its good to have validation in my choice. Perhaps the reason that this thread is not all that busy is because most if not all actual owners are HAPPY with the purchase. That old bromide "you get what you pay for" certainly rings true here.
Shouldn't your questions or comments be made on the ES8000 thread?
Here is an excellent review. http://www.hometheater.com/
I had a bit of flashlighting in the lower left corner. Backlight was at 10. I called Samsung customer service and was told to turn down backlight to 7. Flashlighting was dimmer but still there. It eventually went away. I have had the set since 9/7, and I am quite satisfied. By the way I started to like the backlight setting at 7.... so I have kept it there.
No vertical banding. Small flashlighting in lower left corner went away when I turned backlight down to 7 as per instructions from Samsung. I chose Samsung because of contrast and blacks. So far so good..... I have had the TV since 9/7.
Here is a new review. My own 75es9000 is working great!! http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-un75es9000-75-inch-review-1080p-240hz-3d-slim-led-hdtv-18261282/
I have had this TV for 3 months. Initially I had a small amount of flashlighting in lower left corner..... Samsung said to turn down backlight to 7. It eventually went away. Picture is great. I am running sound through my 5.1 sound system because it sounds much better. I have used the HUB browser every once in a while, not enough to pay for a separate keyboard. I don't use voice or hand motion controls. 3D works great.
Mata7: Did you get your new T.V. yet?
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