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Thanks KG, it was a fun build, and still enjoying the results!
Free bump - hi Craig
Love it! Off to go catch up on your build thread...
I also considered the width that the fabric came in before deciding on my panel dimensions - since different fabrics (even by the same manufacturer, like GoM) come in different widths.
Ah right, lens memory, nice. I'm still using an RS-20, so no lens memory for me. Since I mostly watch from HTPC using XBMC, I have it set up to do digital shrink on 16:9 / 1.85:1 titles, and 2.35/2.4 untouched, so also no adjustment needed, except when using a Blu-ray Disc.Sorry, I forgot to measure, so thanks for the reminder.The front columns measure 6" deep x 18" wide at the bottom, 12" deep x 18" wide at the top. But since the wall panels between the columns +...
Good point - I didn't at first, and it didn't show to the naked eye - but did show up on flash photos, so I removed the frames and went over the seams with some satin black paint, all better.
Came out great - we have similar carpet too! (mine is brown version of what looks to be the same thing)
Thanks cw5billwade, so you enjoying the CIA approach? Has worked well for me. Off to check your screen thread.
I spaced mine 1/8" apart using little 1/8" masonite shims - before fabric - then when the fabric was added (GoM, but not FR701), it worked out well.
Thanks much reb - there are some bookmark links on the first page of the thread that lead to posts related to the column building - I don't have measurements or drawings handy, although I think some of the pictures in the build should help you visualize how the columns are constructed. I'll do some measurements when I'm back home and get back to you. And thanks for the thread bump
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