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Bummer! What was the nature of the disaster, the black didn't cover well (roller marks, etc.), or just didn't like the look of all black (no contrast between the soffit and ceiling)?
Woot! Great step to have the wall framing all covered up - looks good!
No, they don't have to be triangles, it just works out as a fairly efficient use of material - if you don't have the width available to make wide triangles, rectangular works too.
Haha yeah I think 6GB might be sufficient for a file server
It also would not be possible to shoot on a curved screen without an A lens, and have perfect/uniform focus across the screen - to what degree, and how objectionable it would be, you'd have to test of course. If it was me, I definitely would never do a curved screen without a lens.
Interesting - I remember hearing about it, but by the time I did, it was already out of operation. Will go take a look, thanks.
They're from parts-express: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=260-367 Oh, and after dealing with the one long floppy panel at the bottom, with a joint in the framing, I instead did two panels above the screen, can't tell that it's two pieces unless your nose is right up close to it. And you're welcome!
Sides and bottom I did friction fit, top I used ball/socket speaker grill connectors.
Or try another skin - for example, Aeon MQ4, which has a lot more configuration options than Confluence.
My vote: reading the manuals and learning how to set up your equipment properly. Its free, and makes a huge difference (speaker placement, auto calibration, crossover setting, etc.). Amazing how many people keep throwing money at the problem without bothering to learn how to use what they already have.
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