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^^^ lol ^^^
What brand of speakers are you using anyway? Are they all from the same manufacturer?
I wouldn't worry about it at all. Use what you got, if you ask me that's better than trying to do a splice job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timothy91 She's definitely dating under her level, but I'm not going to point that out to her. Don't worry you won't have to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sparky14 2nd recommendation for the Hsu research HB-1 speakers if you like the Klipsch sound but without the metallic midrange. I'll 3rd it...
Revel Salon 2's (currently own), any of the Paradigm Sig stuff, Usher Tiny Dancers and the old JBL 4311's from the 1970's.
I'm a long time Paradigm owner and I can tell you that your just not going to find that much of a deal on their speakers from an authorized dealer. I have never seen Paradigm "new" much below retail...ever.
Oh those 4311's are ever so right for the job. I own 4 of them, they absolutely kick ass....Period. Great choice.
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