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Product Information Used like new, used lightly watching HDTV. This 7.1-channel network AV receiver offers unsurpassed versatility with access to today's most popular music sources including Internet radio, Rhapsody online music service, music streaming from PC, HD radio with iTunes tagging, XM and Sirius satellite radio ready, USB, iPod and Bluetooth compatibility, as well as extensive multi-zone custom installation and convenience features, plus a web browser control....
I'm down to 20 and it looks very good
I've noticed how most settings that are supplied by pie and such turn sharpness to 0 or almost zero, yet there's a ton of fine detail , like a face and its wrinkles get completely lost when set to zero, I've turned mine up to 30 and it looks great with several of the settings supplied here, I'm I the only one that notices that.
If you bought this set during the last 30 days go quick and cliam your price promice ruduction before the sale price goes back up.
This fixed itFrom windows desktopClick StartOpen Control PanelOpen SoundIf using HDMI select your HDMI connection in the list click the Configure buttonSet Windows sounds to 2.0 (stereo). Test, Save and Exit Sounds and Control Panel.Open Media CenterOpen Tasks/Settings on the MC main Menuselect Generalselect Windows Media Center Setupselect Setup your SpeakersClick Next, Select the HDMI connection, then nextSet up your desired speaker configuration here either 5.1 or 7.1...
Roussi I owe you my first born, that got TM6 pumping out DTS MST HD over the receiver, but now WMC doesn't play any sound saying it is missing files, I take it Shark Codex should fix that.
Not sure if this the right thread to ask this question, but up until a few days ago I upgraded my Windows 7 to 8.1, all was well and everything worked, then the HORRY Discovering that Microsoft had deprecated all the WMC extenders accept the Xbox leaving my Dkink 750 high and dry, so I bit the bullet and decided to go back to Windows 7. Not wanting to undo all that 8.1 goodness NOT I decided I would dual boot this puppy and carved out a 100g partition from my 2T drive to...
Received my second F8500, which does not exhibit the upper screen flashing in the dark areas of the bottom part of the screen, however this new set will not display the connection info when the "Info" button is invoked on either the regular remote (yes the new sets now have two remotes) or the touch remote. I know it's receiving a signal as the small red lcd at the bottom of the screen flashes when a remote button is pressed. Has anyone else seen this behavior?
Long story short, took back my first F8500 due to the ghost image from the top of the screen flashing in the bottom half , Samsung quality control is not the best. So far the new set has shown no issues, and if possible looks blacker out of the box.
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