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Received my 5020 as a replacement for my 8700UB. It didn't come with glasses though. Are the Epson glasses the way to go or will other glasses work with this projector. I'm curious to see how the 3D works and if I'll like it.
I'm out of town now. I don't really notice it unless the screen is very dark. If i look directly at them I don't notice them as much but if I look away from them I can see them in my peripheral vision. I might give them a call when I get back.
I just received mine yesterday as a replacement for my 8700UB. The contrast levels and brightness are definitely better. I also thing the sharpness is better too. I did notice on a complete black screen there are 2 blue circles that are present. They are very faint. Dust blobs? Is there a way to remove them or does the projector need to be sent in?
What do you think of it compared to the 8700UB?
Well I received the new replacement projector and it doesn't work. The red lamp light comes on after about 30 seconds. After calling tech support and being on the phone with them for almost an hour, they decided to send me a 5020UB as a replacement since this was my 3 replacement unit I've had. The specs on the 5020 look good. I will have to read up on it in the forums.
My wife said the new one arrived today. I'm at work until Thursday morning at 8 so I won't be able to check it out until then. I hope everything works right on it. I've been pleased with Epson's customer support so far
Just sent mine back to them today. Hope the new one doesn't have any problems.
Did they replace it with another 8700?
Just listened to my voice mail and Epson called back the day after I called them. They were closed today but I will call them tomorrow. They said they are going to send me a replacement unit.
thewills, Did you pick one?
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