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I have a aluminum chute running parallel to my seating area, and that's why I went for shelf mount near the ceiling instead of the regular ceiling mount. I don't want to keep the projector upside down on the rack. Probably need to find some other mounting ideas.
Quick question on ceiling mount. I would like to use a wall mount ( Wall Mount ), instead of a ceiling mount. Do i have to seat the projector to upside down, So I can invert the image ? Is there an option to somehow project the picture down, instead of up ?
Lately I am getting dts bomb (pop noise) while watching blue rays with dts hd 7.1 audio. This was very apparent while watching Pixar's Planes blu ray, and there were several occasions where I had the sound. My current firmware (came with the unit as default) is below Hdmi 1.01/07706a Net 1 main 1.08/08414A DSP1 08214A DSP2 07818A DSP3 07820B Does anybody have 1.09 firmware ? Thanks
I have a chance to buy a MFW with busted amp for real cheap. If I buy an external amp, all I Have to do us connect the woofer leads to the amp ? If I remove the old amp (at the bottom), can I see the wires that lead to the woofer? The reason why I ask is there are 2 seperate controls, one at the bottom and other at the top ( with gain knob )
Received Avengers from Netflix today. Only Dolby Digital
Anybody in Northern Virginia looking for E56Ci Center Channel Speaker (Red), I got it from them a month back.
hmm, I was about to order Epic legend, but just going through last 3 pages of this thread, I am having second thoughts now. Too many amp failures, and customer service not that good. too bad, I really wanted to buy the legend, will probably order SVS
how did you hook up 4 subs to your receiver?
received my b stock center last week.didn't have a chance to test it out. hopefully,i can get the towers some day
I had the e55ti towers twice in my cart, before somebody here said that their cheap *** entry level jamo speakers had better sound. I was using the jamo towers as my surround, and later sold them. anyway, cant really go by what you read here, I should have bought them and tried it myself. Hope they have the b-stock sale again.
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