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It should work perfectly fine with Macs.
While working at a wireless deployment company I became (in)famous for pointing out that wire is the future of wireless. Might not make sense, but if you have ever deployed or run large scale wireless networks (data, not cellular, though both are under the belt at this point) you'll understand. If you can run wire, run wire. If you can't figure out how you can. If that doesn't work, then go wireless, but be ready to accept it's limitations.
Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at ATVFiles to make sure that I can access my shared storage for VIDEO_TS rips. Andras
@dizziness - I haven't taken the time to downgrade a machine to Tiger yet to try ATV4Mac, but had been planning on trying it soon. Can you answer a question or two? 1 - Can you play Video_TS files, or only movies that are shared via iTunes? 2 - Rentals? Of HD movies? Thanks, Andras
I'd also confirm the settings on your mini. Make sure that you have the screensaver set to never come on, and that the computer should never go to sleep. I've had problems in the past with macs on kvms that went to sleep and didn't wake up correctly when the kvm returned control to them.
No fanatics here, just someone with a bunch of mini's. I figure when you have 8 or 9 of them laying around, there isn't much need to buy an aTV. As to your other question, I know that I can play 720 mkv files with perian installed on a core duo 1.66. Haven't tried on a core solo but I might just to see.
I'll jump in with some help. The apple store has a good return policy, but you pay a 10% restocking fee. I don't know if that applies to everything, or just computers, so I would ask in the store. The mini doesn't have an HDMI audio out. I have mine connected to multiple tv's via different video methods, but the audio method is always the same - minijack to stereo rca cable adaptor. I am using 4 mini's right now for various entertainment related things - they are...
One word of caution when daisy chaining switches - keep the number of inline switches to fewer than 3. In other words, this: Router -- switch -- switch -- device is ok, but this: Router -- switch -- switch -- switch -- device may not be. If the layout of your rooms / network / gear allows for it, the best way to add multiple switches is (and I hope this looks right): Router -- switch -- device | ---- switch -- device (In other words, if your router...
Switched it this morning and it works great. Thanks again.
I was using the RCA, and just tried a mini cable today. It isn't working now, but there is a 50/50 chance that I have the mini in the wrong port. I'll go try moving it now. Thanks for the quick reply. Andras
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