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I thought it was a very positive review! I'm wondering if Kal is considering a swap with his AV8801? Dave
I'm still thinking about projectors. I'm still thinking the Sony HW55ES would be the best all around projector for me and an ambient light situation - with a SF, of course! Does anyone have one of these projectors with an SF screen? If so, how do you like it? Ultimately, I would love to have the JVC DLA-RS4910 projector. It's actually brighter than the Panny and Sony in its Cinema-like modes. But, in brightest mode, the Panny and Sony are still brighter. Anyone...
So doing that will give a 35% better image than just calibrating the projector?Dave
I have some further comments/questions on brightness differences between the VW600 and HW55:1) To confirm - looks like in high lamp mode and D65/R709 setting, the HW55 does around 1000 lumens and the 600 does around 1500+ lumens. The VW600 will do 960 in low lamp mode.2) Is there any difference in the high lamp and brightest mode (brighter than D65/R709) between these two projectors? I want to use a projector for both day time (ambient light) and night time viewing,...
I'm wondering about this too...Dave
Looking good - I can't wait to see how an image looks on that screen with that amount of ambient light! I sure hope you feel better - I'm sure it's miserable. Thanks, Dave
I understand - sounds great - thanks so much!Dave
Looking forward to the pictures! By the way, please include pictures of how the projected image looks on the screen, with the daylight (like it is in the second and third picture at the top of the page). After all, that's a big reason for the Silver Fire is for the way it rejects ambient light.Thanks,Dave
I can see that it would make sense to want the Panasonic for the lens memory and zoom features - especially for the price! That's why I was considering it too. But, the panel alignment issues, along with more fan noise in its bright mode, are pushing me towards 16:9 and the Sony HW55ES. As I think about it, over 75% of my viewing at home is TV and games - so a smaller percentage is movies. Plus, typically when we are watching movies, the lights are out (as opposed to...
I have decided on a 16:9 screen and the Sony HW55ES projector. When I can get some of MississippiMan's time, I'm hoping to get some paint or a screen sample. Dave
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