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Here is my review of this projector. DON'T BUY IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! I am coming from an HC3000 which is 100000000000000000% better in every way. If all you want to do with this projector is watch something as mundane as say a screen saver then it is great. Anything with any kind of light changing what so ever and this thing falls apart. Say for instance you want to watch a movie that has something like an explosion or someone turns the lights on in a dark room. ...
I have had the flicker problem, but ONLY when playing the xbox. When watching Blu Ray movies no flicker. The xbox 360 is an older version so the output is component. My AVR is also an older unit (Onkyo), so there might be something the conversion from component to HDMI through the AVR. I'm also not ruling out the HDMI cable. It IS high-speed, but it's also 25 feet. The one difference is that mine has never shut off. It only flickers off and back on for a second or...
Wow, just finished watching my first movie on my new 7900. Amazing. I ran through a very quick calibration using the Disney WOW Blu-Ray. Then watched I-Robot. My previous projector was a Mitsu HC3000 (owned for 7 years) and the new one blows it away. The one feature that I didn't see in the settings was pin-cushion adjustment which the HC3000 did have. I have to say though that the image is stunning.
rtrexe, That looks like a dust blob. If it were my projector I'd send it back for another one. I haven't seen this projector taken apart, so I don't know how difficult it would be to try and remove that blob. The $799 price was too good to pass up so I pulled the trigger last night after talking it over with my wife. The old Mitsu HC3000 will be removed and sold on ebay next week.
Just how sensitive is this projector to HDMI cables? I bought my HDMI cable 7 years ago. It's a 10 meter length. I know the HDMI spec has changed a few times since then.
Like Dex I have a dedicated theater room. I have black out blinds and curtains in front of those. In the summer however the sun shines directly on the windows (located in the rear of the room) and there is some light leakage. However I rarely watch anything during the daylight hours anyway due to work. Here are some older pics of my theater room. http://www.avsforum.com/t/607834/so-post-your-360-screenshots-and-tv-u-r-using/2220#post_9796602 I've since added a Sony...
For those of you that replaced their HC3000U with the HC7900DW how are you liking the new projector? My HC3000 is on it's 7th year (original bulb, but have reset the clock once, also had to have a new color wheel bearing installed about 3 months ago). How does the 7900 compare to the 3000 brightness wise? The $799 deal is almost too good to pass up. Thanks, Steve
I'm thinking of buying a refurb directly from the Denon site. Does Denon refurb their own products or do they farm them out?
Brad, I just checked and internal storage was already enabled. So that shouldn't have been the problem. Steve
I rented the movie Chronicle last week from Red Box and couldn't get it to play. It was a brand new disc with no signs of fingerprints or scratches. I have the latest firmware and the counter on the blu-ray player would get up to around 11 seconds and then freeze. Couldn't get it to work. Anyone else having a problem like this? This is the first disc I've not been able to watch in this player.
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