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I have a Samsung HLT6756W and the 521k replaced an old Marantz SR4000 receiver, which is audio only. The set top box is ATT U-verse. My DVD player is old, non-blue ray and component output only. We very seldom use it. And we have a Mac Mini with HDMI output. One reason for buying the 521K was to watch internet TV and listen to my iTunes library on the home theater speakers instead of the TV speakers. Installing the 521K was a real challenge - mostly due to my...
Agree. We talked to the manager of the Costco in San Leandro, CA last week and he said we could bring in the coupon in August to get the $400 back. So we bought it. I've been traveling a lot, but the little I've watched it has been terrific.
Quote: Originally Posted by pilot32 Anyone hear when the new MPEG-4 compatible DVR from D* will be available? If I buy a new HR10-250 will D* replace it with an MPEG-4 compatable unit when available? Thanks I just received the HR 10-250 this week. When I ordered it from D* I asked whether it will soon be obsolete. The answer was "yes, probably in 6-12 months." They offered to replace it for a total $14.95 fee, including any required dish...
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