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Cal-Day and Cal-Night are modes enabled in the Service Menu. See post #1, line 3.
The new 21^3 patterns for LightSpace worked perfectly. I used a 2 second pattern and the process was flawless throughout the 9261 measurements.
Then use his settings but try tweaking the grayscale and/or CMS and see if you can get rid of the green faces. It might just be GS. Put up a gray step pattern and see if there is a lot of green in it. If so, pull some green out of the 2 point or 10 point GS settings while viewing the pattern and see what happens.
Black is set with the Brightness Control.
The tellie makers should take a hint from the auto industry and call them 2015 models. No.Furthermore, 1080p shows a nice improvement with 4K rear EDIT: front projectors but that may not occur with pixeled flat panels.
If he's using PNL BRT HIGH like many of us he's probably getting around 50 foot Lamberts with small windows patterns.
It could be either Grayscale or more likely CMS settings. You can futz with them and see if it helps but you really need a meter. What happens if you don't use DeWayne's settings?
You need a meter and software for those items.
I don't know what the content is supposed to look like but it appears that your Brightness control setting is way too high. It has to be set with a Pluge pattern and should be about 45-46.
Is there information proclaiming the R series will have 3D LUT holding and processing ability?
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