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I don't have the time or knowledge to maintain this thread. Go ahead and let it die.
I've had reliability problems over time with IR blasters losing stickiness, falling off, etc. I'm not about to pay an extra $300+ either, but if there's one out there I'm missing for around the same price, I'll jump all over it.BTW, I really wish the WR7 was JP1... so much faster to program than dealing with learning, not to mention more flexible.
While IP control would be nice, I haven't found a regular remote with a good layout that can handle IP control. I don't like touchscreen remotes, since you have to look down at them. I especially don't like iPhone/iPod/iPad remotes since they'll go to sleep on you (requiring 3+ gestures to finally control a device), or if they aren't asleep, they're too bright for a dark room and distract from the picture. I should also mention that most remote layouts suck. The super...
I'm looking for a Bluray player that has a 3.5mm IR input. Any besides the Oppo and Denon/Marantz? Particularly looking for one that rivals the Sonys for Netflix UI.
Any besides the Oppo and Denon/Marantz? Particularly looking for one that rivals the Sonys for Netflix UI.
Bump for a sale: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1496990/diy-theater-reference-system-with-10-smx-screen-material
LOCAL PICKUP IN DENVER AREA ONLY Quite a few years ago I put together a reference DIY system. After a few years of owning it, I went through a divorce. I'm VERY hesitant to sell the setup, but after collecting dust in an unfinished basement for the last 3 years, it's time for it to go to someone who will actually use it since I intend on scaling down to a townhouse in the near future. I can't seem to find a photo of the most recent setup it was configured in, but...
Looks good. Veneer isn't my taste, but you did an excellent job on the finishing.The problem with an off-axis phantom center is not the changes in frequency, but the imaging pull, due to one speaker being closer to an off-axis listener. A center channel anchors the sound to the screen, otherwise the dialog sounds like it's coming from way off to one side (quite distracting, IMO).
I assumed your sweet spot would be the middle of the front row. That will give you the most balanced sound and you'll also be sitting on-center with the screen.
Actually, with the people on the very end, their ears will be right next to the surrounds. Aiming for equal SPL levels for each speaker in the sweet spot will make the left or right surround EXTREMELY loud for those sitting in the back. Probably close to twice as loud. Don't anticipate on playing at anything close to spirited levels with company filling those seats. Moving the surrounds significantly closer to the sweet spot will make the experience much more comfortable...
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