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As reported by the team of the Agryll driver package they should work with HCFR Fork.See here for the Aryll supported meters. http://www.argyllcms.com/doc/instruments.html#i1d3From the Wiki of HCFR Fork http://sourceforge.net/p/hcfr/wiki/i1%20Display%203%20&%20colormunki%20display/So are you indicating that you have tried the newest version of HCFR Fork and you can not use your retail meter? I am only trying to clarify this as I am in the market to get a new meter and was...
Will do John. Thanks for all your work!
Same here. I never was given an option to use it anyway like XP used to do. I have not tried to use unsigned drivers in a long time. I did look into it and found this,http://www.killertechtips.com/2009/0...ing-windows-7/ I'll give it a try tonight and see what this does. Thanks for the reply,
Has anyone tried the new driver for the Spyder3? I have been trying to update the driver as stated in the wiki to test but have had no luck. Windows 7-32bit keeps telling me that the driver is not signed and therefore will not use it.
Thanks for the update sir.
Same error here from Mediafire. I did download all the software separate but know I will be missing files. Not a big deal but just wanted to confirm the above post. Thanks for the work btw 8:13. James
Well, I bought mine on sale before Christmas with warranty and the added cost of over a grand for my DVDO iScan I'm close to if not over $7,000.00 Can. I can get a 8uk Panny for under $4,000.00 Can and an NEC for around $4,500. You mean to tell me that you would accept the Dell over either of those at a lower cost! you just spent the extra cash that you thought you couldn't justify. Now if you paid $1,000.00 for the Dell I would agree with you but this is a poor excuse...
success!!!! Today finally after a long hard fought battle and threats of spiking two televisions off their loading dock (I don't live far from them) I received authorization for a full refund!!!! Now I'm Happy, The support that I received from Shawn in the Returns department was great. He babysat the whole process and got me what I wanted. Thanks!!!!!!! Now onto getting my Panasonic. Hope it performs! Apparently I'm pickier than most and nobody ever told me!!!...
As title says, I'm looking for a dealer in Ontario, Canada that offers Financing. I would like to deal with one place rather then having to secure financing then purchase the television. Any help would be great. CxTurbo
Well, The whole thing is that the set just downright looks like crap. It took me a while to come to that I know but I think the people whome where telling me it looked good just wanted to be nice. I personally sat and watched a 50" Elite with my dvd player. Now that is a PDP and what one should look like. I just got off the phone with Dell and they denied my Return. I think that was the wrong thing to do because it's not over. Apparently the extension over 30 days was not...
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