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I neglected to mention that I contacted Solid Signal about the same time as my original post, and learned that Solid Signal's price probably blows the Darblet price out of the water because their $269 price includes free shipping.My 2 cents.
I think Solid Signal is keeping their price at $279.
The U.S. and other non-US versions are not always released at the same time. In my case, the two BD550 units here were both prompted that there was an update and asked to proceed with the update (Yes/No?).
Another driver update prompted at startup over the weekend on the BD550 here...download via wireless went flawlessly. I've been impressed how well the Netflix streaming, YouTube and other content has flowed using an "n" adapter. No hiccups or bumps in the road. The two BD550's here produce nice HD Blu Ray imagery as well.
WOW - profound - the BD30 is 3 years older and 1/3 the price of the Oppo...yeah...that would make it "yesterday's technology" allright.
Agree with the majority that we likely won't see any new features on the 530, 550, 570....going forward. But we will still see updates, refinements. My Panny BD30 got updates for years after it was replaced with newer models. The 2 550's here are doing quite well...including the Netflix play, regular DVD, and BD playback.
Quote: Originally Posted by hellboy0306 I've got a bd550 and an update became available this morning. Any one know what this update does. I got the player for Xmas and I updated on Xmas day so this is a new update. While some of the other models still seem to have issues....I also upgraded 2 BD550's here to the latest firmware. No problems whatsoever...just watched Despicable Me, SALT, and other Blu Rays, as well as a couple of regular DVDs this...
Already had the WET610N sitting here awaiting a new purpose in life. When you can get 2 LG550's for $188...it seemed a no brainer that was the way to go. The added cost of the 570 brought little added value here.
Guys - I bought 2 LG 550's on Black Friday, and easily/successfully updated the firmware on both. These units were connected to my network (and Internet) via a wireless N adapter....WET610N...no problems, and the update took about 9 minutes. These units both operate perfectly on DVD's and Blu Rays here.
UPDATE: Yes...the BD550's play .mkv files...quite a surprise at this price point.
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