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I'm pretty sure the arrangement of the backlight has nothing to do with clouding.It has to do with quality control during the manufacturing process more than anything else.
No, there is absolutely no distinct advantage between Direct Lit vs. Edge Lit or LED vs CCFL in terms of picture quality.Edge lit just means the TV's can be made much thinner in size.They are all still regular LCD's that produce the exact same picture, just the internals are different.There is also a huge gap in the quality between Full Array.Some that only have a dozen dimming zones that are barely better than a regular LCD. Compared to some that have hundreds of dimming...
I would return it, those black Friday models are the most stripped down barebones TVs you can get. The new full array local dimming Vizio P series & the full array local diiming Toshiba 7400 are both going to be around $1,000 & should have a substantially better picture than the Samsung you have.
Toshiba has now become a contender for me. Wonder if Panasonic will price their AX900 series. If Toshiba has twice as many dimming zones as their flagship model, but the price is almost the same as Panasonic's lower tier model. which only has 32 dimming zones. fafrd, didn't you speculate that the Vizio R series would be $6,000 as well a few month back? That might be true after all. I'm a little disappointed at the pricing. The new line of FALD that might finally topple...
Toshiba is coming out with a high quality 1080p full local dimming set for around $1,000 very soon. Vizio is also coming out with newer models very soon as well. By June, those sets should be out.
How can it be edge lit when it has 32 zones, more than Vizio's E & M series, which are full FALD despite the lack of zones?It's either full array local dimming or not.
If you can twist the edge to make it disappear, maybe you can also try un-tightening the screws on that side of the panel to see if that helps? Otherwise, I would call Samsung repair line & ask them for a quote on repairs as this might be the panel becoming defective.
I hope that is the suggested MSRP.I wonder what the price hike will be on the AX900 compared to that
Any chance that's the content displayed the cause of it? Like is it on all content, cable box, blu-ray etc...
I searched around & seen it listed for $198 used in 2011. Seiki had some decent 4k sets from last years. But before that, I would probably stay away from them. They were just starting up & for $200, you can get a better/bigger TV used if you shop in the want ads.
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