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I have a Mirage OMD C1 center speaker in mint condition. It is BLACK. If anyone interested, please PM me.
I am surprised that the topic is NOT often discussed much here or other forums online. I remember when I built my hometheater a few years back. The objective was to be able to watch movies like in the theater at home. The reference picture quality was often measured by the "film-likeness" of the video. Now, we have lost the reference standards. I am sure that most professionals recognize the picture quality deficiencies in theaters. Why hasn't it been a topic of...
I am NOT sure if one needs to be concerned about making a "valid" comparison because there are factors that we simply cannot control. It is the viewing experience we are trying to compare here. Learning other people here also experienced poor picture quality of movie theater, including IMAX theater, I am convinced that my experience of last movie theater visit wasn't a fluke. Movie theater gives you BIGGER pictures, but poorer quality when compared to proper hometheaters.
A recent trip to a local movie theater makes me wonder whether the picture quality of my hometheater is actually better than that of the IMAX theater. Sure the IMAX picture is BIG, but the picture itself is not sharp and the contrast is also not as good as hometheater projectors. Is it just me or everyone else also has the same impression?
I have an OMD-C1 if you are still interested. The speaker is mint condition. I would put it in "like new" condition.
I also downloaded the trial version of Movavi 3D, but my trials haven't been successful. All converted 3D videos were squashed, i.e., the images are compressed vertically. I tried to use option "resize method" in the setting windows. But the result were NO good. It appears that default resize method was letterbox, which, I think, added a letterbox over the picture frame, thus compressing the original image vertically. I should note that all my videos were standard...
Xbox games are on DVD only. How does it do 1080p 3D? Is it upconverted to 1080p? How does it compare to PS3 3D games (picture quality wise)?
Yamaha DVD-s1800, no doubt. It plays SACD and has the best DVD upconvertion.
Everyone here is talking about cutting cable subscription. But never mention how they get broadband connection. Don't you have to get broadband from cable/phone companies?
Mirage speakers are great. They are ergonomic and sound great.
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