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Try running your PC at 1920x1200.
James, I'm not planning to bi-amp. As I mentioned I don't need the extra power. In fact, I've never bi-amped before. I don't know much about it, hence why I posed the question. Not to mention that if someone already owned a XPA-5 and wanted the extra power of the XPR-5, it might be more economical for them to simply purchase a second XPA-5. Not to mention two XPA-5s at the regular price is $200 cheaper than the XPR-5's sale price. When someone answers a question of...
You could answer the question rather than making a backhanded remark about it. Maybe us "sheesh" worthy people might learn something.
I've got an XPA-5 and absolutely love it. While I definitely do not need the power of the XPR-5, I am curious if it would have any advantage over a possible bi-amping of two XPA-5s ($200 cheaper than even the current sale price of the XPR-5). At least, other than having one 95 lb unit instead of two 75 lb units.
Thanks for the suggestions Koprowski. I'm checking out dBpoweramp right now and it seems great! I especially like that it has an "acquire from scanner" for album art and such as I have some pretty obscure CDs that aren't found on the main databases. Seems like a great app and I'll probably go ahead and buy it.
Bringing up this old thread because it partially answered my question of ripping, but also curious what's good to burn a simple music CD from the rips? What I'd like to do is rip everything lossless for playback on the PC and creating music CDs for my truck, but also at the same time create files usable by Spotify. Edit: By the way, I have tons of rips I've done already using WMA lossless, which is a fine format for me, but I've seemed to have problems in the past with...
Just to update, found some great info in this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...5#post21438375
Awesome thank you for that info. That VideoReDo looks pretty nice and isn't too bad on price. I would definitely rather work in windows (I almost always boot into windows on the macbook anyways lol), just wanted to throw it out there that I could use any OS. I'll be reporting back once I give these a shot! Oh and also an update on the VLMC, it is in extreme alpha and not even really usable yet. The project appears to be continuing on but has been going since 2010 so I...
I'll have to give iMovie a shot as I'm still somewhat new to OSX. VLMC looks awesome but I can't see where I can download it.
I'd like to create some custom pieced together videos at home from various bluray movies and I'm curious what experiences people have had with various software. I've ripped a bluray once a long time ago but forgot which program I used. So I guess there's two steps here: 1. Rip various bluray movies to obtain the specific scenes I want 2. Use some other software to stitch the videos together, as well as add text. I'd guess that's two completely different pieces of...
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