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Do you have a technical fix for the Non-Booting vip722's? I have two of them here now & have no way of getting Dish to replace them.
Sorry for the delay... no pun intended.... I rebooted the device & all is well... Thanks for all the Support!!!!! GREAT COMMUNITY!!!
When you say "firmware" do you mean the windows driver:HD PVR driver version or is there actual firmware for the unit itself? I have that driver installed, or so I believe.
Got my Licence & THANK YOU Steven for the personal support!!!!! I am trying to record from my Dish Network Vip722K & the audio is lagging. I am running RBG & Optical to the HDPVR. Everything I try recording, I get audio lag. I beleive I have all the latest drivers, codecs, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Hi Steve, I ordered HDPVRCapture January 3rd through PayPal & have not heard from you. I was wondering if you could check up on this. Thanks
That is GREAT to know.... I have not been following as much as I should have I guess.... I have a Dish 921 & a BEV 9400 & lots of HD content recorded. How exactly do I transfer/capture that to HD content?? (Programs/Hardware) Any help would be appreciated.
What high-def MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video content do you have? Is it Homemade? You can't get any "Commercial" content such as the latest movies yet.... Unless I'm not looking in the right places. please let me know.
I understand that, but come on.... FF & REW are BASIC Functions. I also run HDTV & network. The networking for the XBox is working much better than the TVix with no "jittery" play, & yes, that is with iso images as well. FF & REW work with it. I'm not disputing that the TViX, when fixed, is a far supurior device, I just want the basic functions to work....
True enough, but please.... FF & Rew are BASIC functions that should work on any unit..... Most ppl are watching non-HD content right now until real HD Content is available.
Save your money & just buy an XBox. My XBox now does everything this thing does but better.... PLUS it plays games!!!!!!! ....& yes, the XBox can FF & Rew the movies just fine with NO glitching or freezing....
New Posts  All Forums: