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I have just purchased a 1030 and I am experiencing the same issue. Only I see it when I stream to my Samsung TV from my PC DLNA server. The TV feeds the audio over optical to the 1030. I am experimenting to try and pin point the source. I will be trying my WD TV Live box feeding the 1030 with HDMI and by passing the optical from the TV.... after that I will try using HDMI ARC
Hi, Thanks for the quick response...Samsung TV C/D/E-Series, IP:, MAC: C4:73:1E:12:4F:CD, Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics, Model: UN55ES7150, Media Renderer: YesDevice Definition: Samsung TV C/D/E-Series, transcoding: Enabled, Region: NTSCHope this is what you need to figure it outCheers
Hi Dennis, Started to play with KooraRoo server to the Samsung ES7100 TV and can't play an .flv file, even after its been transcoded. What should I try to get it working? Seems the transcoding works OK but the TV refuses to play it, saying format not supported Thanks
Thanks for the reply.. I have tried Serviio and that seems to work OK so I'll try Mezzmo next to see its any better. I have been using my LG Blue Ray player that does have the ability to connect to PC shares but I would like to do it from the TV itself just in case the player dies, i seems I never actually put a disc in it anymore Thanks for the info and the Mezmo suggestion Cheers Ian
Has anyone been successful in getting the 7100 to connect to their Windows PC Shares, or does this TV only connect via DLNA? Thanks Ian
Getting closer to getting this TV but have 2 more questions... 1. Can you browse your network from this TV, ie if you have shares setup on your Windows PC can you browse and connect to those shares without going thru DLNA. Currently I use an LG DVD player to browse my shares and play video etc I believe its called 'CIFS' on the LG player. Is this possible? 2. Does anyone know what size .JPG files this TV will display? My current Samsung (5 years old) has problems...
Can someone tell me where this TV is manufactured? Thanks
This sometimes happens to me - but if you wait a while it will eventually connect. I think it needs time to sync with the router.
I totally agree. I am a recent purchaser of this unit and have just explored the 'app' options. This You Tube app is appalling! This is an embarrassment to both You Tube and LG. How they could allow something like this to be included is beyond me. When I first started the app it started playing this diatribe full of so much profanity that even I had never heard of some of the words. There's probably a law suit opportunity here. There is no warning that the viewer could be...
Just acquired the 670 and all seems to be OK. Updated to the latest firmware and haven't noticed any stuttering on my Samsung 4761F. I can stream from my W7 PC either via DLNA or via Folders view. But I have one question re DLNA... I dont see it appearing on my Media devices in WMP12, is this normal? should I be able to stream from my PC and 'PlayTo' the 670? Thanks
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