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Been using a Yamaha DPX-1300 since late 2005 and been very happy with it. Looking to upgrade in the 3-5K price range and was wondering what people like in that price range. 2D content is primary focus, but would like 3D capability as well. Using a 110 inch screen. Would appreciate any suggestions.
Greg, The specs on the DPX-1300 and the Sony Ruby are both 800 lumens. However you said the 1300 was brighter by a fair bit despite them being listed the same. I was thinking of going with a 120 inch screen, but based on 800 lumens I was worried the picture would not be bright enough. It's going to be a completelty light controlled room, just curious if you think that screen size would be bright enough given your experience. Thanks, Tim
I am in the market for a new PJ and after visiting this forum and seeing all the raves and love for the Ruby I thought I would have to check it out for myself. Being a prior owner of a DPX-1 I was a little biased towards Yamaha as I never had any problems with the 1 and have enjoyed it for several years. I hear all the talk about 3 chip vs. one chip and 1080p vs. 720p and I really wish I could have done a side by side comparision of the two units. However I have been...
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