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This is exactly what I predict will happen as well. They'll be well into the meal by the time they find out they're eating Beth. Yikes!
Lori still tops the charts as most annoying character for me.
Pretty darn good stuff. It has the typical Arch Enemy sound, and Alissa seems to fit right in. I am looking forward to this release.That video has had over half a million views and it has only been 24 hours. Nice.
lol! Remind me not to join your crew during a Zombie apocalypse.
I totally agree. The car that snatched up Beth seemed to be lying in wait; would have been too convenient to have a hoard of walkers waiting at the door at the same time the "kidnapper" was ready to grab Beth.Hey look, we're backing to agreeing again. Ha!
New Metallica song, for those that still listen to those guys (sounds quality is poor). http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/metallica-10-camera-mix-of-the-lords-of-summer-performance-from-bogota/
Yes - exactly this. In the end, Lizzie never learned her lesson, and Carol never gave her the chance by killing her the way she did. Had Lizzie's life been ended by a Walker, as she was dying she would have quickly realized the error in her ways. Oh well, TWD goes on.
That is very good way to describe it. With that said, to me it would have made more sense had Lizzie unleashed a walker on her and her sister as a "play pal," and that is how they met their demise. YMMV.
Lol - that is hilarious!
I'm not a huge fan of Agonist either man. Alyssa should fit well in Arch Enemy, but only time will tell. At least Angela simply stepped down to become the full time band manager. It would have been a shame if she left on bad terms.I'll never lose my taste for metal, and I'll be around. Hope you're doing well, carp.
New Posts  All Forums: