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OK, sounds like a good thing I made the attempt to watch Jacksonville last night because it really was my only opportunity. I tried 2 set-top antennas; the RadioShack $29.95 amplified antenna and the $49.95 RadioShack with remote directional control. Suprisingly, the $29.95 was the better of the two - significantly. It pulled in 28 stations analog and digital. Here's what we got in S Windsor from Rabbit Ears 3 - WFSB Analog, 3.1 - WFSB Digital, 3.2 - CBS Springfield...
Took a quick trip to Radio Shack to get the $29.95 amplified Rabbit Ears. It was able to pick up 20 or so channels, half of which are digital (including 40-1!). Incredible how poor the analog channels look and how wonderful the digitals ones are - even with a weak signal. So long, Doctor Mel! Go Jags!
I just bought a Bose 321 Series 1 from Sam's ... partly because I couldn't figure out how the Cinemate would work without a media center. I can easily return it, especially since it has composite and SVideo outs only for the DVD. My 6412 has an optical audio out port -- is that how the connection is made to the Cinemate? How / where is it amplified? Can it take multiple inputs (from DVD and Sat outs)? Can it take an optical in / out from my TV?
So ... no one has been able to program a 30-second skip with the 6412 and Cox remote?
I have been emailing Cox and Lin in hopes of seeing my Jaguars play on Saturday and have gotten pretty much the same response as Raoul. Here was what I sent back to Ms. Banas-Kluk: ------ Hi Deanna, thank you for your response and suggestion. I don't know what's standing in the way of an agreement between Lin and Cox but, as their customer, I will remind them of our desire to have this in place. My set will receive an OTA HD signal; unfortunately for Lin I will...
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