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wanted Lumagen Radiance Mini-3D----new, used, but only in great condition. send a pm with price please
for those interested, paulstv has the 65 inch for $2749. What makes this a deal is that there is free white glove delivery, a free stand, and NO tax for anyone. just add to your cart and register to see the price. they also have $250 in gift cards-not sure what the deal is with them, but its all a bonus at this point. Mine is on the way. thanks to all for posting
I am in line to get a new jvc 4810 and i need a screen. My room is completely light controlled, however as I intern at various places i can move a bit-so painting is out and i have white walls. one side is completely open the other has black curtains hanging to take care of most of that, and there are 12 foot ceilings in white. Budget wise, I would like to be around $1k, used or new. I see alot of Stewart and SI screens on ebay-just never take the plunge because i want...
can anyone tell me if this drive upconverts regular movies or dvds like the set top boxes, toshiba a30 or any of the regular players that you just hook up to a tv. thanks
has anyone hooked this up to their computer yet. Im looking at the vga cable, but would love to pair it with the hdmi to dvi cable from my nv 8800gts. in the manual it says to use the vga, but i cant help but think it would look oh so much better the other way. I want to buy one of the new lg combo hd dvd/bluray drives and watch movies on it. any advice would be appreciated
are there any media servers (sage, netgear eva8000hd, ect...)that you can connect to your computer to stream a bluray or hd dvd movie from one of the new lg dual format players in your pc and still have good picture quality. hopefully its over hdmi and runs on xp. this would be straight from disc and not a ripped file. or is there some other method to send the signal from your pc to tv that im missing. thanks sean
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