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"Personally, I find the need for star ratings and snarky summaries ("Dim-witter thriller starring....") unwarranted in the TV listings." I agree. At most it'd be nice if somehow the movie's IMDB and RottenTomatoes scores could be listed; those are the only quantitative measures I use to decide whether to watch a film, precisely because they are aggregated and not subject to distortion by an individual.
The ticker is good; I hope ESPN doesn't get rid of it (not that they are planning to).
I couldn't imagine that it would have been rendered any lower than 1080p (in fact I'm guessing it was much, much higher), but nonetheless it looks soft here too. Could be that the 720p feed is being upconverted to 1080p for my screen, but then again that pic that icemannyr posted looks like exactly what I'm getting--more of a 480p to 720p upconversion or something.
I for one like the ticker during ESPN programming (Sportscenter, PTI, etc.). I just would prefer they remove it during actual sports coverage (which they usually do, if I'm not mistaken). EDIT: OK apparently they are using the bar in the World Cup at times, and I agree that the shrinking of the video feed is unnecessary and annoying, especially when they forget to fill the screen again after the bottom line disappears.
I think there must be different star ratings depending on your cable/satellite service. If I remember correctly, Scarface was given three stars for both the HDNET and the UHD broadcast on the cable listing from my provider. In any case, I know it wasn't 2 1/2 stars because the ratings I get are always whole numbers (1, 2, 3, or 4 stars). BTW, did anyone notice any static on HDNET's transfer of the movie? It was almost like an extreme film grain or something, which I...
Nice, Armstrong, nice! And as I mentioned earlier, just in time for the "24" finale next Monday.
Armstrong is still not transmitting the WKBN/WYFX HD feeds... which is very disappointing for those of us with HD Monitors without tuners. (I would love it if they add the channels before the "24" season finale.)
It's great to hear that WKBN is up and running, but unfortunately I get my HD exclusively from Armstrong, and they haven't yet begun relaying the feed (or WYFX's HD Fox for that matter). Any updates on the digital cable situation?
Quote: Originally Posted by roller11 Right, a .9 mega pixel display is superior to a 2.1 pixel display. Should I trade in my 8 mega pixel camera for a superior 3 mega pixel? Actually your comparison should be .9 to just over 1.0 million pixels, since 1080i is only 540 lines each frame, compared to 720p's full 720 lines. I know that deinterlacers today are very good, and that 1080i usually does look better than 720p, but the difference isn't...
This is great news--first finding out that WKBN will be high def; then that, as an Armstrong customer, I'll be able to see Fox in high def as well. It's certainly a great time to own an HDTV set in this area! By the way... I understand that WKBN is shooting for May 1 for it's HD broadcast--is this the same time Armstrong will begin relaying Fox's HD signal as well? Thanks Mr. Zocolo, and everyone else in this thread!
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