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Do you guys remember the scene where Rachel & Aaron went to visit someones house on the way to the tower?The men who stopped them in the forest were burned alive. I am assuming that is what they were referring to.
I'm willing to bet Monroe has something to do with the outage.Him not having ID when arriving at the base and the way he was looking around just didn't sit well.
Metro NYC is VHO5.
So long House. Been a great 8 years!
I thought it would have been either of the parents. Definitely a HUGE cliffhanger.
Power off the box and then press OK then Menu on your remote.
She was also the person that the "POI" called when he was at the park, right before he dumped his phone.
Hold the reset button on the back of the router for 10 seconds. Once the router has booted back up (the globe light should go on), immediately go to and enter the following login: admin/password.
New Posts  All Forums: