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That's way to much work....it's just the menu so I'll just let it pass. As I said, movies and games look fine. Thanks for the help/suggestions.
I have it all connected by HDMI going through an Onkyo receiver.I have the Onkyo upscaling all inputs to 1080p. Do you think setting it to through might help?EDIT: Tried through, no change.
Yup, that's the standard XMB motion wallpaper. I don't see any banding in movies or games, just on the home screen. It doesn't really bother me but I just want to know what's going on.
If you are referring to me, I am using Omar's settings from that thread.
I believe my PS3 is already set to that. I have to add that all my sources are going through a AV receiver, Onkyo HT-RC260.Here is what I am talking about.
I've been noticing some color banding when on the PS3 home screen and on some TV commercials. Any setting I should be looking into to correct?
I saw the bottle, but why did he get hit with a baseball bat. I don't recall any arguments or anything to instigate the assault. It looked like the officers were walking away.
I thought Nate died as well. Why were they driving through that area and what caused him to get hit? @young c: The restraining order probably came about because Sammy tried breaking into the house and Tammi probably was scared that Sammy would do something to harm either of them.
I'm using a Logitech Harmony One.
It sounds like you are watching cable TV. I notice this as well but I am pretty sure it's compression artifacts from cable TV.
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