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Is there any program to skip commercials with W7. Seem like I should give W7 a try but the comskip in Mediaportal works great and I would not want to switch if I couldn't skip commercials.
I may have to give VMC a try again. I switched to MediaPortal and am using the Moving Pictures plugin to view my movie collection. My biggest complaint about VMC was that my movies did not show my video_ts folders (SD DVD's). Those had to have a seperate menu. That seemed silly to me so I switched. Moving pictures looked better than my movies anyway. This plugin looks as good as moving pictures. May have to give it a try.
I don't think you can do that without losing menus and extra. If you really want them you should probally rip to ISO. Then you neeed to mount them to play. Most here just rip the main movie and the best audio track converted to flac.
I agree with most. I am only about 3 months in and still have the cable box DVR running side by side. Mostly until I figure out if I want to buy a HD PVR to record the DH channels that I can not get thru QAM. I still remember the first day that my wife could not tell if we were watching the PC or the cable box. Seemed like it took an long time to get the picture to look as good. Lots of tweaking to do with a HTPC. If you want something to watch and record TV without...
What software are you installing?
I agree. WHS fit perfect with what you want to do. Duplication is automatic and it only tells you if there is a problem.
Logitech Denovo Mini is basically what you are looking for. It's a mini keyboard/mouse and MC remote in one. I have one and it works good. I really only use it when I need to type as I also have a harmony one remote that is all I need 95% of the time.
For the price that RAM is now I figure it can't hurt. Now is it needed is another question. I would say probally not but then I refer to the first sentence.
I have a quick question about WHS. I currently have these drives in my server. (2) 250 GB, (1) 500 GB, (2) 750 GB and (2) 1 TB. RIght now I have about 50 Gb left of used storage. I have duplication turned on for most of my folders. I am going to add a new 1.5 TB drive. My question is since most of the drives already in the server are either full or very close to it will WH reorganise the data to be able to duplicate any new files that I add? I'm thinking that if it...
New Posts  All Forums: