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The Sharp Elite had no grayscale tracking issues. There are some color accuracy issues (likely stemming from the RGB-Y pixel structure), but nothing extreme unless you're doing lab work. I frankly cannot notice it. Blackest blacks, great shadow detail and beautiful color (if you don't nitpick and do A-B when properly calibrated), and Bright. And if you have a processor with LUT capability whatever color inaccuracy there may be goes away. For me the one nit is the...
No a problem. I have DirecTV which has very good HD, but never judge a panel except with a real reference BD transfer. These other sources use more compression when they re-encode the original transfer. It's also possible if you're using somebody else's calibration settings that the two displays may not be a good match for each other. It's always best to calibrate the specific units as there can be noticeable variances from unit to unit. Hopefully you'll get it sorted...
IVC Adv Low might actually make it worse, since it boosts brightness & contrast. Do you get this often? Could it be the source material? I don't have the Karate Kid, but do have many BDs - any other examples I might be able to check on my setup?
^^^ Definitely not normal and I can see why you would complain. Make sure you turn off any of the "enhancement" settings. Stuff that tries to make the picture brighter or more contrasty will have that kind of effect. For best image and blacks use IVC = Local Dimming. I use IVC = Advanced Low in some of my calibrations but then I set my backlight way low to get the blacks back to where I like them. I do have a very dark room.
The inherent weakness is that it has to be calibrated with a different mindset, not that it cannot achieve a fantastic looking - though perhaps not exactly accurate - color. The biggest peculiarity I have noticed and probably the cause of the weirdness is that there's a noticeable difference in the saturation characteristics from around the 70% to the 100% levels. If you do a normal calibration at 100% (the standard) the 70% and below levels will be noticeably off. You...
Last update was 2.19. Sharp has taken anything to do with the Elite off their website. Frankly it's an insult to their customers. Here's hoping my Elite lasts a few years. It's the last Sharp anything I buy. The Sharp Elite is dead. Long live the Sharp Elite! (at least mine anyway )
It's exactly as explained above. This has nothing to do with the functioning of this particular set, it's just the nature of the source material SD overscan characteristics.
That looks like a call to the repairman ...
Didn't they make a movie about that? Trouble With the Curve?
I have never had any sort of banding issues, not even remotely, and I am familiar with the problem because my previous LG set had it and my reason for seeking something else. I see some DSE occasionally but it's in the source material. I do have some slight lack of uniformity in the upper left which is noticeably only occasionally on a blue moon like the pulsing. Nothing is perfect, but this set is 99.9% there. The PQ always gets me a big grin. Mine's a Sept 11 build.
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