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ill take it
Vizio Sucks anyway so what!!!
We just pust this tv up in my store `Magnolia` and it is fantastic the blacks are black and the colors are fantastic if you have a chance go see this tv..
Best Buy don't do CC sales over the phone anymore
Maybe the vt but not the zt you cant..
You have no clue Dude... If you only knew what employees bought that tv for it would make you sick.... LOL
No they CANT they have a guideline to follow and it clearly states in the weekly Magnolia notes you can not drop the price for any reason at this time...
go get a Sonos Soundbar you can use it for so much more.. Just add 2 play 3`s and the sub you can have wireless ht..
When you coming to the Bay Area? haha don't think magnolia would pay to calibrate that tv.. But i have a kuro that's need to be done i just never had it done...
We just put up the 65zt yesterday and have it hooked up to a pioneer elite 62 blu ray with dual hdmi... We have it in thx mode right now waiting for calibration on the tv.. the MHT on almaden expressway in san jose ca
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