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While the OMD-28 system you've described is a great one for a larger room, if budget is at all a concern, it's not worth the additional price. You're paying a lot for the increment in sound quality. Enjoy the OMD-15s and don't lose any sleep (or money) over the OMD-28s. Similarly, OMD-5s instead of OMD-Rs are a much better value.
They seem to be making new production, as the date on the most recently sold batch of speakers is recent (2013). And someone did post in the forums at woot (link several posts back) saying they worked for Klipsch and plan to do more this summer. Hard to say what will actually happen, but they seem to think they can make money producing these speakers, so it now seems much more likely you may see these again, than it did a few months ago.
You clearly have the disease, you just recommended a soundcard that costs more than the speakers.Even 50% of the cost of the speakers (the Dragonfly) is out of whack.Twistthem, that's not the way to go. Spend most of the budget on speakers, that's where you'll hear a difference.Try it on your system and see how it sounds. There are plenty of moderately priced USB soundcards that will eliminate any PC sound issues - if you find out you need that - for much less.
Some have suggested using your Amazon login info to use Amazon payments, so it's covered by Amazon's A-Z guarantee. Especially on a refurb, from woot.
cel4145, I'd forgotten about this side of your forum personality.
Around again at Amazon and Best Buy.
The same issue exists for every other speaker that size. There's a tradeoff between size and ability to produce bass.So knowing that, jpmc86, you may want to describe your budget and how you plan to use the speakers, if you want input on how to make that tradeoff.The not flat frequency response shows a dip in the midrange for the Dali in the graph above, which means it's not neutral.http://www.stereophile.com/content/dali-zensor-1-loudspeaker
Be careful with the graphs, the Absolute Zero graph is actually for three different speakers. The purple line is the Absolute Zero. The idea is, flat is better. Here's the source article.
Yes, I also own an amp based on that IcePower module. It's a little underpowered (25W at 8 ohms) to justify the cost IMO, unless you're using it with lower impedance speakers. And given the way it's packaged in the TEAC, it doesn't necessarily have the same overall satisfaction as the NAD. There's a pleasure in owning something that's well designed and well built. It depends on what people want.Not a factor for the OP anymore of course, but for most people, your earlier...
I own some Atoms.I'm also a big fan of the NAD D3020. I do think amplification makes some difference - owning a serious IcePower amp finally convinced me. The NAD has some of the best Class D amplification in the world - based on the Hypex modules. Maybe some of the best amplification, period. So it's something you could really enjoy owning.That being said, there does seem to be a an imbalance on the speakers (which make the biggest difference in sound quality, by far)...
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