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Someone at WYCC must be reading these posts as I come back an hour or so later and now everything is working. ;-)
Same problems as you with WYCC. Started noticing it on Friday and nothing has changed. This is the second time in a month or so where I couldn't receive WYCC.
WBBM's new signal on RF26. What does this mean for "regular guys"? Do we have to rescan or since it's virtual there is no need to? On a side note, I noticed that I'm receiving 22.1 WSBT-DT (South Bend, IN CBS) better than 2.1 WBBM-DT (Chicago, IL CBS) in terms of signal strength, and quality...this morning.
Don't really use the internet portion of this TV much and not really sure if current owners post here anymore but I noticed the other day after hitting the "Net" button that I get the following error... Confirmation The security of the target page cannot be confirmed. The server certificate has expired. Do you want to connect? OK Cancel Pressing "OK" gives me Notification A connection cannot be established. A read error has occurred in TCP. Close Pressing "Close"...
You never know what you'll see on the broadcast TV. I've seen DVD screensavers playing where the station obviously used a DVD player to broadcast a movie and just the other day, I noticed the Roku home screen on one of Chicago station's subchannels. Using a Roku and an internet stream as source material?
By "they" do you mean the station? WPWR isn't giving Tribune Media Services their scheduled programming for 50.2 and 50.3? A quick look at zap2it.com shows nothing for example.Is it the station's intention that people will have to go to their website, at the link you provided, to see what's on?
Anyone using Windows Media Center 7 and seeing any guide data for WPWR 50.2 Movies! ? I'm seeing no guide data.
Thank you for that info. Compared to some "smallish" websites that I know, their datacenter costs (all cloud based) can be $30,000-40,000 per month. I would guess that every station's website costs more per month to run than their transmitter electricity bill.
Balaban & Katz
I'm still seeing it's on as of 5:50 AM this morning on 3/18/13.
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