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X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official "Opening Battle" Movie clip#1 (couldn't find a real HD version) X-Men: Days of Future Past - Official Trailer 3
Do you mean this happened back in 2009? Are there more posts since 2009 that isn't yours?
Quite OT - Just thought I should mention it.................. RedRay player in stock now for immediate delivery for $1250. Red got fed up of waiting for content - so you have to source your own content. Some people are suggesting to band together to set up a link page/forum section for people that have 4K content they want to share for free - might be some eye candy short reels by'n by. Red will also make some of their Red reels and other short projects available to...
I'm not sure what you mean - the reference to Seattle is about a worlds first Christie install which they announced last year for installing about now, which was intended to be a P-3 laser projector (white-light-mix laser) - seems like they decided to wait with that install until they have the P-6 RGB laser projector manufactured.
Doubt it.Barco has only announced Santikos’ Palladium cinema located in San Antonio, Texas and and in three of China's leading cinema chains. and I don't think they have come that far as starting to install any of these.Most feature drama are 2K up-converted to 4K. Real IMAX shot 15-perf 70mm will have better definition.At NAB at the moment RED is running an IMAX film projector with material in 6K shot on Red Dragon camera and printed back to 15-perf 70mm to demonstrate...
Paulina Gretzky - Golf Digest Magazine (May 2014) (Yeah, she has in fact been in four movies )
Kirsten Dunst - Harper's Bazaar UK May 2014.
So much discussions in this thread about Cameron Diaz the other day - here she again promoting her latest movie toghether with Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. Cameron Diaz - The Other Woman premiere in London - 04-02-14.
Most of the photos I see of Sophie Turner, she is far from being as attractive as in GoT, and I wonder if she will develop to become a star quality beauty in the same way Emma Watson has improved immensely since she was a teenager - but then now and again Sophie Turner change her face and appearance and I she a bright future for her - not that there wasn't some terrible pictures in the set that these pictures are coming from. At least she is a feisty and rather cheeky...
Natalie Dormer - GQ magazine April 2014 issue.
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