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I always have high hopes that specialty channels will at least air some stuff OAR. I know Starz Cinema (SD) presents some stuff properly, so I won't give up hope until the cropping/zooming is confirmed, especially since there are some titles that only air on the Retro/IndiePlex channels.
Looks like IndiePlex HD and RetroPlex HD are live on Dish Network as of this afternoon. Would be interesting to know if they're airing OAR films and how the bugs are.
Any chance the PDF schedule will be updated to reflect the removal of "The Adventures of Mark Twain" and the addition of "Thunderbirds Are GO" in the schedule?Thanks for the lineup as always EDIT: Looks like an updated version from 1/22 is up now. Wonder why it wasn't showing up earlier today. Anyway, thanks!
Also on 10-14, 10-19, and 10-30 according to MGM's online schedule. I guess we can try to enjoy its non-greatness over and over again.
Looks like 'Closing Escrow' never aired after some technical problems today. Will that be rescheduled since it was only going to air today?
It was 1.33:1, or 1.37:1, or whatever it might have been that's about 4:3. I didn't pull out a ruler to check.
It may not be released on Blu-Ray any time soon, but it's airing one more time on MGM on August 26th. Good second chance to make a personal copy while waiting for an official release.
My understanding has been that many of the films aired on TCM are from their own transfers. Also, when licensing films from studios, the SD versions for TV broadcast may not be the same as the DVD version(s). As a result, the version you see on TCM may not be as good as a DVD, with or without upscaling. If I'm wrong on any points here, someone please correct me.
Indeed. Dish Network and DIRECTV customers will want to catch it in HD before the end of this month since it drops to some more obscure Cinemax channels in July and will only be available in SD. Will be on a bunch of Cinemax HD channels in July on FiOS of course. Don't know about the cable providers.
True. Occasionally 2.35:1 films are partially or completely opened up to 16:9. More often than not, some of the sides are still chopped off. Most of the time, especially for films that are animated or have CGI, the film is just cropped to 16:9 completely losing the picture on the sides. For some films it doesn't matter that much, but for some like Appaloosa it ruins the film. I'm sure there are countless other specific examples of cropping ruining films in other threads...
New Posts  All Forums: